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"Pervert" Double-Knuckle Ring

$75.00 USD

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Nobody likes a creep but sometimes you just gotta celebrate your inner pervert! This is a 2-finger ring with "Pervert" in a loose script handwriting that sits across two fingers. The wording itself measures 3.5cm in length and the ring band is the same diameter on both finger holes as this ring was meant to sit on the middle and index fingers.

If you need a custom size outside the size range shown, select the "Custom Size" option and I will email you once your order is received to find out what size you would like.

For additional finishes or metals, including precious metals, please reach out here.

Additional Details:

  • Manufactured in the US through 3D printing and lost-wax casting
  • Product ships directly to the customer from Shapeways
  • Available in either polished brass or polished silver, solid, not plated
  • Product is made to order, please allow 30-40 days for manufacturing, plus shipping

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