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Smarter Living Design Challenge - NYCxDesign

Hosted by Makerbot, Sponsored by Voodoo Manufacturing

May 17, 2018. 6:30-9:30pm, Downtown Brooklyn

MakerBot hosted a design and 3D printing challenge for NYCxDESIGN, 3D Printing for Smarter Living, in which 15 NYC designers were given a Replicator+ desktop 3D printer and asked to create a 3D printable objects that can improve daily life, make a process more efficient, or improve a daily ritual. 

Lizz designed a 3D printable adapter and socket for use in combination with your own digital design and commercially available Monkey Hooks to create a wide array of weight-bearing, wall-hanging designs for your NYC home without the need for wall anchors and power tools! 

The 3D files for the adapter and socket are available for download on Lizz's Thingiverse page.



2018 Conference

Science History Institute
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Women In Tech Summit Northeast

On Saturday, April 14th, Lizz participated in the Women In Tech Summit - Northeast. Lizz gave her original talk, "3D Tech and Consumerism; Shaping the Face of Fashion" at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia. This talk looks at how the fashion industry is beginning to make its shift towards 3D and why the consumer is at the heart of this movement.

Lizz was also engaged in a panel discussion with four other women in technology based careers around the topic of, "Tech careers for now and the future - Technology does not stand still and neither should you." 

The summit was attended by over 500 women involved in technology-based occupations.



Interview Feature on Geek Of Chic Web Series

Lizz recently had the pleasure of doing an interview, hosted by the team at Geek of Chic where they discussed how 3D technology is being used in fashion. She also discussed the common types of 3D printing used in both the fashion and jewelry industries as well as the common softwares used. 

View the full 6-minute interview on the Geek of Chic website or their YouTube channel.


Interview Feature Article; 3-D Printing Poised To Revolutionize The Fashion Industry

Women @ Forbes, Written by Tracey Welson-Rossman 

An excerpt from the article:

"Wiker says one of the biggest misconceptions about her job is that it exists in a vacuum. She says that being a really good 3D modeler requires an understanding of fabrication, manufacturing and engineering so that you can turn a hand sketch or 2-D illustration into a 3-D model. In fact, one of her team’s biggest contributions during this engineering process is to find and resolve conflicts between the intended design aesthetic and the functional requirements of the end product. They can even anticipate the challenges that factories will have when sampling the part and can work closely with design partners to create a finalized 3D model that is manufacturable and still achieves the original design intent."

Full article available on the Forbes website.



Article Feature

MatterHackers is an online resource for educators and 3D printing enthusiasts alike.

Lizz wrote an exclusive article for them which was published in their December newsletter and is available online.

Full article available on the MatterHackers website.

View the MatterHackers Minute (video) feature on YouTube.

Promoting 3D Printing Design & Tech Through Custom Jewelry

An excerpt from the article:

"One of my most anticipated moments upon meeting someone new is when I tell them what I do for a living. When I tell them that I am a professional 3D modeler and run a 3D print lab, a bulb lights up; one that shines bright with familiarity, excitement and curiosity. I then ask them (knowing well what the answer will be) if they are familiar with 3D printing. They are. And they proceed to describe the first time they saw a 3D printer in action and recall how mesmerized they were by it, watching its plastic filament, zipping around in space, slowly building something from nothing. They describe to me, one of the many desktop FDM printers which are currently occupying public libraries, school’s makerspaces, and maker events and conventions across the country."



Interview Feature, Article by Women In 3D Printing

After a successful #3D Talk on 3D Printing and Fashion, on Thursday, September 14th, the Women In 3D Printing group kindly asked Lizz to do a interview feature. The article talks about what her career is like, how she specifically uses 3D technology and what her inspirations are. 

An excerpt from the article:

"As awareness about 3D technology continues to be mainstreamed, I believe it will begin to rapidly infiltrate the industry on the consumer engagement side. I think we are going to see 3D technology on the retail side of larger brands emerge through the use of virtual fitting rooms, in-store/online promotions of bespoke product and in ad-campaigns like we are already seeing with some of the bigger names like the Louis Vuitton ‘Series 4’, back in 2016.

Driven largely by emerging designers and smaller brands that have proven to be more flexible in their use and adoption of the technology, we’re currently walking right up to the edge of how 3D printing can be used on the manufacturing side through the use of 3D printed textiles in place of the of the traditional “cut and sew” method. This can be likened to the industry’s current “full-fashioned” approach to garments which are knit in segments and then those segments are joined together to create full garments. Some labels are experimenting and prototyping with 3D printing (largely on FDM desktop printers) by printing “textile” panels to create garments and though it is currently quite cost and time prohibitive, I think this represents a promising direction that 3D technology will evolve into over the next 10 years."

Full article available on the Women In 3D Printing website.



STEM Career Day Panel Discussion

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, MakerBot, Brooklyn, NY

Lizz participated on a panel discussion as part of the Department of Education's annual STEM Career Day where high-school students chose to visit a STEM related host company. The panel discussed how each of the 3D printing users currently use 3D printing in their day job. Panelists also discussed their knowledge and excitement around the various directions the industry is moving in and gave advice for students looking to pursue a career in a role in 3D technology. 



Intro to 3D Jewelry Design

TechGirlz Workshop, Saturday, October 28th, 2017, NYU Tandon MakerSpace, Brooklyn

Lizz, in partnership with TechGirlz, along with 5 teaching assistants held a 3-hr workshop on 3D modeling, using Tinkercad. The girl's ages raged from 9 to 13-years old; there were 17 students that attended the class. They were given an overview on 3D printing and how its used in the Fashion, Jewelry and Athletic Footwear industries along with a brief overview of the most common types of 3D printers and 3D modeling softwares. They were then walked through a step-by-step, hands on demonstration and tutorial on how to make a bangle in Tinkercad. Before they moved on to work on their own design, Lizz explained how online 3D printing services, like can be a useful tool to have your own items made, encouraging students to continue on their journey into 3D technology after the class is over.



Prototyping + Iterative Design Panel, Formlabs NYC Roadshow

Thursday, October 19th, 2017, Parsons School of Design

Lizz was joined by fellow panelists, Limor Fried (Adafruit), Jerrod Kennard (KPF Architecture) and Isaac Blankensmith (Google)  to discuss how design industry leaders from NYC are using CAD and 3D printing to make prototyping more accessible than ever before. Panelists shared their expertise on bringing customized designs and complex geometries to life by combining heritage techniques with new technology. Moderated by John Biggs (TechCrunch.)



Video Feature on

Lizz was featured in the promotional video on the landing page of Tapestry, Inc, is the new name for the parent company (formally known as Coach, Inc.) currently home to the Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands.

Click the image above to view the full 2:15 minute video.

"Joy is being content with who you are."

"Style is about expressing yourself without worrying if anyone else is going to get it."

"Something new has happened; a new discovery, a new advancement, a new success."



#3D Talk - 3D Printing + Fashion

Thursday, September 14th, 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Cyant and Women in 3D Printing presented #3DTalk, an industry specific and educational event focused on 3D printing and and its use in fashion. The talk featured leading women in the industry who are working each day in the field who discussed how they are utilizing this new technology area to disrupt fashion design and product development and manufacturing.

A recap article published by NYU Tandon can be viewed here as well as a blog post by EM in StEM.



NYU Tandon's "Empower Hour"

Thursday, December 1st, 2016, Brooklyn, NY

3D Technology & Consumerism: Shaping the Face of Fashion

The symbiotic relationship between the (taste) Maker and the Consumer has long been a complicated one, though few will argue that the consumer’s interests and motivation has always been at the root of what drives trends in fashion. And while the fashion industry has taken many different routes to deliver product to the hands of their customer, the methods they have used to create that product speak to a long history of tradition and craftsmanship.

The fashion industry has always been slow to adopt new and emerging technologies. However, with the recent and tremendous growth of the consumer’s awareness and increasing interest in 3D technology, the industry is quickly reaching a tipping point. '3D Technology & Consumerism; Shaping The Face of Fashion' looks at how the fashion industry is beginning to make its shift towards 3D and why the consumer is at the heart of this movement.

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