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Breasts Candle Stick Holder

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This double-candlestick holder is 3D printed in porcelain, and then glazed and fired in a traditional ceramic manufacturing method. It measures 12-1/4cm in height and holds two standard candlesticks.

This figure is modeled off a real person, a strong and lovely friend of mine. She was gracious enough to let me use her likeliness. 

Be advised that this is a single sided form as the back and bottom are hollowed out, meaning there are no* walls on the back side and the bottom.

To read about the manufacturing process for porcelain, check out this post from Shapeways (scroll about 1/3 down to read about the production process.) Scroll to the bottom of the page for color glaze samples.

Additional Details:

  • Manufactured in the US through 3D printing, glazing and firing in a kiln.
  • Product ships directly to the customer from Shapeways.
  • Product is made to order, please allow 15-20 days for manufacturing, plus shipping.

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