Lizz Hill

Shapeways Finds: By The Bay

I’m spending my first Summer vacation weekend in Virginia on the Perrin river which connects to the Chesapeake Bay. Normally, when we are here, we do some sailing however due to some bad weather, my father-in-law is stuck on a boat far from here so we are spending our days, thrift shopping, cooking and enjoying the view of the bay from a distance. So, I figured, if I can’t get myself to the bay, I’ll bring the bay to me. And, it just so happens that my new Troubled Waters Icon ring trio arrived just as we were leaving to catch our train so I had some authentic scenery for some product shots!

#1 - Mermaid Door Knocker by Sevhead_3D

#2 - Queen Conch Pendant by Inceptance

#3 - Sea Anemone Collar by Tricksee

#4 - Sextant Pendant by piratelegs

#5 - Small Octopus Vial Pendant by MichaelMueller

#6 - Shark Tooth Cocktail Vial Pendant by bLuGrn_design

#7 - Viper Fish Pendant by Gratz

#8 - Anchor Icon Ring by Lizz_Hill

#9 - Ascilla Earrings by Ontogenie

#10 - Sea Shell Ring by SheSellsSeaShells

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