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Shapeways Finds: Classic Ink

This week I met up with my favorite ladies for some pottery painting. I recently got my third tattoo completed which has left me with ink on the brain! 

About a decade ago, I managed the pottery shop that we visited and decided that I would give into my childhood wonder by painting a piggy bank and figured it would serve as a good ole’ fashioned savings fund for my next tattoo. While searching for cult-classic tattoos to paint on my ceramic pig, I was bombarded with tattoo imagery and those search terms seemed to linger in my fingertips when I got home and onto my laptop. So, I present you with my “Classic Ink” themed Shapeways finds.

#1- Zodiac Tiger Ring by VulcanJewelry

#2- Imperial Wings of Soverignty by CS1

#3- Anchor Bow Ring by Landestroyer

#4- Rose Bracciale by Crystif

#5- Gotland Ship by Valdemar6720

#6- Skull Charm by RecklessChildInk

#7- Liquid Heart by GambaLabs

#8- Thinking Mermaid by Formbyte

#9- Reverse Snake Ring by MichaelMueller

#10- Butterfly Pendant by Hanyin

Shapeways Finds: Scientific Stylings

It occurred to me that the majority of my Shapeway’s personal “favorites” list already have a fairly strong theme; science and technology. Surprised? So here are some of my personal favorites for your scientific stylings along with some newly discovered gems. As it turns out, its quite easy finding 3D modeled designs rooted in biology, chemistry, math and astronomy. (It’s almost as though 3D modelers are a little nerdy and I love them even more for it!)

#1- Moon Ring by Cunicode

#2- Caffeine Molecule Espresso Cup by JoaBaldwin

#3- Cumulus #503- MatterDesign

#4- DNA Ring- CorellaStudios

#5- Golden Ratio Pendant by Somersault1824

#6- Infinity Pencil Holder by Iltasso

#7- Polyhedron Ring by Seedling Design

#8- Cosmagraphic Overdose by Mandalwerk

#9- Complex Molecule Bracelet by Lucipopescu89

#10- Light Up MY/UR Life Pendant by Alicebunny

Shapeways Finds: Game of Thrones

It seems that the first few days of social media posts this week have been filled with sadness-filled spoilers about Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones. Therefore, my first edition of my themed Shapeway’s finds are all directly or loosely inspired by this season of GOT! Happy printing!

#1 - Dragon Claw Bracelet by SheilaMunro

#2 - Wolf (Low Poly Style) by Babbel

#3 - Crackling Wood Ring by Tallal

#4 - Hand of the King Tie Clip by Mught

#5 - Game of Thrones House of Stark Ring by Matheison

#6 - Tree Branch Wall Art (02) by DesignByDalton

#7 - Dragon Egg Pendant by LunaSea3D

#8 - Second Tree by Kkani

#9 - Dice Of Thrones by Skipperarm

#10 - Maple by JeremyMallin

My Counterpart, My Foolish Heart

I’ve recently discovered the band, Rush, and not only has it been a saving grace for long hours spent modeling but (for many reasons) I’ve come to love the ‘Counterparts’ album cover design and decided to model my own tribute pendant to rock my love of Rush in my own hardware-centric way!

Early Summer Peonies

I love those last weeks of Spring when the sun finally feels warm on your face and jackets are shed during a mid-day walk. This pre-Summer time also marks the transition to the long awaited, back in-season peonies. If you’re as lucky as me, your neighborhood flower shop/grocery might just be stocking some special blooms.

I have my staples to fill out a basic table arrangement but love when I can find the slightly rarer ones like my favorite pale green Alstroemeria, faded fuchsia Wax Flower and white Peonies. 

Now to tackle the dreaded, spring cleaning…

The Sculpted Tooth Ring

I finally pulled the trigger on a fancy, new Dell laptop and loaded it up with all my favorite 3D software, including some names that I’ve been dying to teach myself like Keyshot and Mudbox.

It also means that I’m finally getting around to checking off some of the long list of personal models that I’ve been wanting for myself including this tooth ring! The tooth itself was modeled in Rhino, using t-splines and then the quad mesh was imported into Mudbox for detailing. The tension setting was modeled entirely with t-splines. 

This ring as well a pair of teeth cufflinks is available for purchase on my Shapeways page.

Soap Stack

I recently hosted a soap swap brunch at my Brooklyn studio. Guests were given a stack of three cold-process handmade soaps; a Chai-tea exfoliate & sooth bar (top) (packed full of walnut, poppy seeds, orange peel and colloidal oatmeal), a goat-milk bar with an activated charcoal swirl (middle), and a green bar for the face, full of olive oil and anti-oxidant kelp powder (bottom).

Eucalyptus & Orange Sugar Salt Scrub

Eucalyptus & Orange Sugar Salt Scrub

With 2016’s first Winter storm upon us, I took advantage of being locked in my apartment with all my soaping supplies to venture into a new category of skin loving home-made product; the Sugar Salt Scrub!

With many variations out there, I took some proportion queues from the ever growing list of online DIYers, dug through my bag of oils (selecting coconut and skin-loving sunflower), nature-scented essentials and raided the tea shelf for old, loose-leaf teas that had long since lost their steeping prowess.

By Sunday night my skin was freshly soothed and polished by my new batch of Eucalyptus and Orange Sugar Salt Scrub.

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