Lizz Hill

Dirty Bunnies Ring

A friend of mine, inquired about this unexpected yet sweet little ring design for the lady in his life. He told me he had already gifted her a Kate Spade pavé bunny cocktail ring but was really wanting a “dirty bunny” ring for her. I of course immediately wanted this mythical ring for myself. Fortunately, he allowed me to add this to my Shapeways shop which I’m extremely thankful for, not only because I can have one of my own, but also because he’s saving me from a very awkward attempt to explain to some of my more perv-minded friends why I made a Dirty Bunnies ring and they don’t get one.

In all seriousness though, this is one of those things about 3D printing that I’ll never get over: how cool is it that you can have an idea whispered in your ear and then be wearing it less than two weeks later. 

Answer? VERY cool.

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