Lizz Hill

A Sunday in Hudson, NY

My husband and I decided to skip the usual Halloween festivities and spent a weekend upstate, with the first night being in Rhinecliff and the second evening spent in our favorite town, Hudson, New York.

We stayed at the Rivertown Lodge which is simply a place where you want to spend time. Its attention to detail from the brass pipes down to the door knobs are designed and made locally and by someone who has dedicated their life to their craft.

My husband was breaking in a new lens and we were taking advantage of the overcast skies, borrowed from NYC. We wandered up and down Warren Street until the rain finally caught up to us. We ducked inside just in time for check-in and a 3pm cocktail in the living room. After settling into our room we got ourselves freshened up and headed to the restaurant (without a name, or a yelp listing) behind the lobby. A dimly lit tavern welcomed us, as did the smell of bacon and something sweet; we sat down and ordered drinks.

Dinner was decadent. The wine was juicy. The flour-less chocolate cake was, well, chocolate fucking cake.

By the end of the weekend the tally of delicious food had grown but we had stopped counting long before Saturday afternoon. By Monday evening, we were just full, relaxed and happy. 

More weekends like those, please.

(Photo by Jason Wiker)

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