Lizz Hill

The Red Country

Two days after the unthinkable happened, Jason and set off for a weekend trip down to Virginia, to visit his parents. We had previously planned to do a photo shoot for Jason’s upcoming photography exhibit; had our concept planned and my red, feather-cuffed gown had arrived just days before we left.

I could not help but feel the irony of leaving my safe, albeit fearful, blue state of NY to venture deep into the rural areas of Virginia where the sprawling marshes are traversed with gravel roads and election signs, shouting, “Make America Great Again.”

With a 20-minute window and a perfect sunset before us, we worked quietly and swiftly, pausing only at the sound of tires on rugged pavement and peppered gunshots in the distance. Once the sun finally slipped beyond the horizon, we packed up and rushed home, hoping not to disturb the red country any further.

(Photo by Jason Wiker)

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