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3D Jewelry Design - Fabricate A Skull Ring

In this 3-day 3D Jewelry Design class, students will use Tinkercad, a free, browser-based 3D modeling software to model a custom skull ring. In the first and second classes, students will be guided through the design and step-by-step modeling process and will learn how to use, an online 3D printing service to fabricate their own designs. In the third class, students will be taught how to use basic hand tools, utilized by jewelers to grind, shape, polish and patina their skull ring, resulting in a high quality, hand finished custom piece.

When the class is finished, students will also be given resources to continue their own learning, modeling and fabrication process. 

The below 3 studio's will be offering this class across January, February and March 2018.

(Photo courtesy of Craftsman Ave)

Craftsman Ave

Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

Sundays- 1/14, 1/21, 2/11

Sign up here.

SPark Workshop Brooklyn

Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

Sundays- 1/28, 2/4, 2/25

Sign up here.


Flatiron District, Manhattan, NY

Dates TBD



Article Feature

MatterHackers is an online resource for educators and 3D printing enthusiasts alike.

Lizz wrote an exclusive article for them which was published in their December newsletter and is available online.

Professional 3D Jewelry Design Adapted for K-12 Curriculum

An excerpt from the article:

"One of my most anticipated moments upon meeting someone new is when I tell them what I do for a living. When I tell them that I am a professional 3D modeler and run a 3D print lab, a bulb lights up; one that shines bright with familiarity, excitement and curiosity. I then ask them (knowing well what the answer will be) if they are familiar with 3D printing. They are. And they proceed to describe the first time they saw a 3D printer in action and recall how mesmerized they were by it, watching its plastic filament, zipping around in space, slowly building something from nothing. They describe to me, one of the many desktop FDM printers which are currently occupying public libraries, school’s makerspaces, and maker events and conventions across the country."



Interview Feature, Article by Women In 3D Printing

After a successful #3D Talk on 3D Printing and Fashion, on Thursday, September 14th, the Women In 3D Printing group kindly asked Lizz to do a interview feature. The article talks about what her career is like, how she specifically uses 3D technology and what her inspirations are. 

An excerpt from the article:

"As awareness about 3D technology continues to be mainstreamed, I believe it will begin to rapidly infiltrate the industry on the consumer engagement side. I think we are going to see 3D technology on the retail side of larger brands emerge through the use of virtual fitting rooms, in-store/online promotions of bespoke product and in ad-campaigns like we are already seeing with some of the bigger names like the Louis Vuitton ‘Series 4’, back in 2016.

Driven largely by emerging designers and smaller brands that have proven to be more flexible in their use and adoption of the technology, we’re currently walking right up to the edge of how 3D printing can be used on the manufacturing side through the use of 3D printed textiles in place of the of the traditional “cut and sew” method. This can be likened to the industry’s current “full-fashioned” approach to garments which are knit in segments and then those segments are joined together to create full garments. Some labels are experimenting and prototyping with 3D printing (largely on FDM desktop printers) by printing “textile” panels to create garments and though it is currently quite cost and time prohibitive, I think this represents a promising direction that 3D technology will evolve into over the next 10 years."

Full article available on the Women In 3D Printing website.



Video Feature on

Lizz was featured in the promotional video on the landing page of Tapestry, Inc, is the new name for the parent company (formally known as Coach, Inc.) currently home to the Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands.

Click the image above to view the full 2:15 minute video.

"Joy is being content with who you are."

"Style is about expressing yourself without worrying if anyone else is going to get it."

"Something new has happened; a new discovery, a new advancement, a new success."


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About Lizz


Lizz grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she spent her days learning, crafting, designing and making. Her long time love of textiles and sewing led her to New York where she pursued an education in Textile Development and Marketing and Accessories Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

During her first job after graduating she discovered her love of hardware engineering and further focused her career towards a hardware specific role. A little over two years after graduating, she landed her dream job as a hardware developer at Coach and spent several years developing hardware, traveling overseas to work with hardware suppliers and ultimately trained herself in Rhino 3D. Since working in 3D software, she has been able to fully realize her love of conceptualizing and engineering hardware for fashion accessories. Lizz currently oversees a small team responsible for the technical design and 3D prototyping of hardware and jewelry for the brands under Tapestry (formerly Coach, Inc.)

Lizz's current resume can be viewed here.

Need a little technical help? Hire Me!

Need help bringing your design idea to life? I specialize in rigid or organic 3D models of jewelry and hardware and have a strong background in metal (zinc and brass) manufacturing. 

I'm a full-time 3D modeler and manage the 3D print lab for a major American handbag company, based in New York City. I'm responsible for the technical development of the company's hardware, jewelry and other related products. I hold a B.F.A. in Accessories Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and have worked in the fashion industry for the past 10 years. 

I can work from sketches, finished drawings, photos, and off of existing parts or other real-life references. I price projects by the hour and my quote includes your rights to the final model and high-quality (non-watermarked) renderings. I can offer guidance on manufacture-ability or 3D print-ability to ensure your design meets the requirements for your desired end-use.

Check out my Shapeway's profile for my full Designer-For-Hire bio.

To contact me directly, email me at or click here.




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